Arkham’s First Fall

It’s no secret that fall is my FAVORITE season. Especially in the midwest. Cooler weather (less bugs!), beautiful changing leaves, hot chocolate (I’m not a coffee drinker so I love hot chocolate season), and of course, Halloween. I had this past weekend off of work so we took advantage of the amazing weather and took Arkham out exploring.

Gosh, I just can’t believe how big he is getting. How is he already 2 1/2 months old?? And double his birth weight (the kid loves to eat). Life is crazy, but great right now. I love spending my days cuddling my baby. I still can’t believe he is all mine. I must be the luckiest person alive. I just want to soak up every moment and take way too many pictures so I never forget this truly great time in our lives. We are the happiest we have been in a long while.

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Arkham Aleksander

It’s been 5 weeks, and I am loving my baby boy! Arkham Aleksander made his appearance on August 10th, 2014 at 11:12pm. He was 6 pounds 5 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. My birth experience was just about as easy as it gets, and baby boy was perfectly healthy. He didn’t leave our presence for the entire hospital stay; it was great. My dad and step mom came shortly after we checked into the hospital and stayed the whole 12 hours until we were ready to move to the recovery room. It was so great to have their support, along with Sean, of course. And my step mom was super great and took pictures during and after the birth (don’t worry, none of the gross ones are being shared!).

 photo Arkham008edit.jpg
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The Nursery is Finished!

… at least for now. It is still missing a few art pieces I won’t be able to complete until after baby boy is born. It’s also missing a toy box that baby’s daddy and grandfather will be building during our next trip to PA. But, for now, it’s finished! I have finally satisfied my nesting impulses and can maybe relax a little before baby comes.

This room was originally M’s room, and was vintage circus themed, which I loved. Then it was briefly my craft room/photography office. As soon as I found I was pregnant, I planned on this being the nursery. It’s the smallest of our three bedrooms, and is really the perfect size since babies don’t need a whole lot. I had a pretty specific plan from the start, and it didn’t change with knowing the sex of the baby. So, it’s pretty neutral, which is how I like baby things. It’s also my favorite colors :)

 photo Nursery_ASL_18.jpg
 photo Nursery7.jpg

I mostly re-used things we already had. The major purchases were the rug, crib (we had sold M’s crib before I was pregnant), and glider. I REALLY did not want to buy that glider. I think they are ugly, and it was one of our most expensive baby purchases. I settled on a cheap neutral one, and we finally put it together over the weekend. My goodness, it is the MOST comfortable thing ever! I am so glad I broke down and got one. I wish I could sleep in it, because it feels great on my preggo back. I can’t wait to rock my baby in it. Baby boy will be sleeping in our room in the pack n play or rock n play for as long possible to make breast feeding easier (master bedroom is on the first floor and the other two are upstairs), so the crib won’t be used for a little while still.
 photo Nursery_ASL_20.jpg
 photo Nursery2.jpg

We have our changing table set up in our room. I survived two in diapers without a changing table and never thought they were necessary, but with this baby we are going the cloth diaper route and they take up lots of space. Plus we need a designated wet bag and diaper pail for the dirty ones instead of just tossing them in the trash, so I decided to go ahead and get a changing table. For baby boy’s nursery, I just have an extra changing pad on the dresser with diaper supplies in the dresser. This poor ikea dresser has seen better days; it survived our first few years of marriage and then was A and D’s dresser. I have already purchased this one as a replacement, but it hasn’t gotten put together yet. It is also too tall to be a changing table so I’m going to wait to switch them out until baby boy is sleeping in his own room consistently and we can just move the changing table up too.
 photo Nursery3.jpg
 photo nursery1.jpg

The basket next to the glider is full of bibs, burp cloths, and breast feeding/pumping supplies. The basket in the nightstand has a few books I am reading, some more burp cloths, and the drawer will have lots of snacks.
 photo Nursery_ASL_13.jpg
 photo Nursery8.jpg

I filled the wire file shelf with our favorite kids books. It was bittersweet going through all of the little board books and children’s books I read over and over again to A, D, and M. So many fun memories. I’m excited to share the same books with this baby. I did buy one book specifically for this baby boy though! If you remember this post, where I told my plans for a special book, you’ll recognize this book is from the same author. I am continuing that tradition, with this book for our baby boy.
 photo Nursery_ASL_3.jpg

The monkey pillow was originally in M’s room, a present from his first Christmas.
 photo Nursery_ASL_2.jpgI am pretty pleased so far, and can’t wait to get the rest of the frames and art up once baby boy is here. Any day now guys!



  • Wall Color: BEHR Indian Ocean from Home Depot
  • Mini Crib: Dream on Me from Amazon (I also bought an additional mattress)
  • Black wire book shelf- spray painted black and re-used from M’s room, originally red from Hobby Lobby
  • Black wire basket- painted black and re-used from M’s room, originally red from Home Goods
  • Brown wire shelf- World Market
  • Curtains: purchased from World Market several years ago (similar here)
  • Elephant Hamper- Home Goods
  • Gray Fabric Baskets- TJ Maxx
  • Glider and ottoman- Target
  • Yellow Lamp- Target
  • “The World is Super Lucky to Have You” Framed Art- Hobby Lobby
  • All other art- made by myself or re-used from other parts of the house and reframed with frames on hand
  •  Night Stand- made by my father in law many years ago
  • Rug- Pattern Society
  • Personalized iPhone teether- 3PrincessesStore on


Moving, Baby Projects, and False Labor

If you follow me on instagram, most of this is old news. Buttt we have been going back and forth with our leasing office all summer waiting to hear if a unit we want to move into is available. Last August we moved from an apartment we loved to a bigger town house in order to move forward in adopting our first three kids. Shortly after we moved in, DCF decided to move them to another family for adoption. So, we have been stuck in a too big for two people town house and have been planning on moving out basically the whole year we’ve been here. Well, it took ALL summer, but we FINALLY got our move date, and got the unit we wanted! Which means we won’t be moving again next summer. :) Unfortunately, it is not available until after our baby boy will born, in Sept. I’m not looking forward to moving with a very newborn, and during my limited maternity leave, but happy that everything is finally sorted out and that we won’t have to move super close to my due date.
baby boy's corner photo photo1.jpg
So, because of all of the plans with moving and uncertainty of when/where we would be living starting August 1st, I have done very little baby prep up to this point. We ended up setting up a corner of our room for a temporary baby space, but it’s seriously been driving me insane not to be able to set up baby boy’s nursery. Our plan is for him to share our room for the first few months, but I still would prefer to have his room ready to go now (while I have the time and energy). I now feel alright about setting up his room, even though I’ll have to take it apart and re-do it again next month. My maternity leave officially starts on Monday, so having something to work on will keep me sane this next week and a half until my due date.
 photo 730cf851-fc61-4551-86e4-448c69775eea.jpg
In other baby related news, the little guy has given us two false alarms now! At 36 weeks I started having braxton hicks contractions with the slightest activity. My mid-wife said they wouldn’t stop labor if it did start, so I ended up taking a week off of work to stop contractions and prevent going into early labor. It worked!
hospital trip photo photo2.jpg
At least, until this week. Sean and I headed to the hospital Friday night after two straight days of contractions between 3-4 minutes apart. They didn’t stop with napping or resting, so I thought it would be best to head over to L&D to get checked out. After a couple of hours with continued contractions but no other progression, we headed back home. I was all ready for labor and childbirth, and really excited at the possibility of meeting my baby a little earlier than expected, so being sent home was pretty disappointing. I’m happy that baby boy is healthy and the closer he can make it to 40 weeks the better, but this next week and a half is going to drag!