Foster Care Announcements

Just like our parent to be photo shoot this is another part of our “pregnancy” I didn’t want to miss out on. Because most of our friends and family have no previous experience with or connection to foster care I really wanted to come up with a brief explanation of what foster care is and why we are doing it. Anyone who knows anything about foster care knows this is pretty impossible (which is why I started my Foster Care FAQ series). I designed foster care announcement cards similar to birth or pregnancy announcements to mail out to friends and family.

We included a couple of our favorite photos.

This is my “brief” message, inspired by these cute international adoption Thank You for Asking cards. I ordered them through the fed ex website and was really impressed with the quality. I have never ordered cards from them before so I was a little nervous.

My hope is these cards will help open up discussion with friends and family who may have been nervous to ask questions, and to let everyone know how excited we are to start our family!

26 thoughts on “Foster Care Announcements

  1. I so love this. My husband and I are in the prosess of becoming foster parents as well and I have been searching the Internet for annoncment ideas. But there is nothing good for foster parent only adoption. I really like what you did.

    • We were thinking about it, but most of our close friends and family we would invite are out of state. Also I bought most of the things we needed before I thought of a shower. But I think it’s a great idea, and a great way to get family and friends more involved and excited!

  2. I have listed this page on my ‘favorites’ page. We are starting the process to become foster parents and I love your announcement photos and letter. Thank you! Jen

  3. I adore your entire blog and especially these announcements. My husband and I are going through the foster to adopt journey too. I was wondering if I may use your message you’ve written on the inside of your cards? I would change it up a bit… just didn’t want to use it without your permission. I think this is a wonderful way to get a family and friends educated on the process… they have so many questions and it’s exhausting.

    • Oh thank you! And of course you can use it! I was so surprised how little most people really know about foster care and foster care adoption. Good luck with everything. I’d love to hear/see what you come up with for your cards too!

      • If the person was your fienrd, they would probably be happy to hear from you. It would be a pleasant surprise to reconnect.If they don’t reply, it could be the wrong email address or an email address that they no longer use.I use it every day.

  4. I just stumbeled across this and I must admit I am going to copy you and do something very similar. My husband and I are about a month away from licensing and getting our first placement. My friends have decided to throw me a foster shower and I really wanted something like this to share with those friends and family who aren’t familiar with foster care and are really not sure what we are doing. Great idea!!!

    • Copy away! I love that more and more couples and families are using their own experiences to educate others. I also love the idea of a shower for new foster parents, since it’s usually more complicated than just baby stuff! I’d love to see what you come up with!

    • Hi Renee, I am in the process of planning and foster shower for my sis. Any suggestions or things that you enjoyed? I want it to be special for her!

      • The ladies that threw mine did an ages and stages shower. Everyone was assigned in the invite (they could do something different of course if they would prefer) an age and a time of day. So for example some people had a slip that said toddler bath time or infant meal time. That way it was a bit more guided. A lot of guests said they liked that because they were overwhelmed with such a large gender neutral age range. We also did a registry to help guide. We stayed away from clothes. The other thing we did is note that if we were unable to use any of the items for any reason, they would be donated to local foster parents. We ended up getting a newborn boy that will likely be an adoptive placement (couldn’t be more ecstatic) so we donated our newborn girl items to another foster mom we knew.

    • I just went to the fed-ex copy/print website and used the upload your own design/pictures card layout. I really liked the quality of the photo on the front. You could probably use any card maker tool at places like if you want a cuter, premade design that you just add a picture and text to.

  5. I have been wondering how I would explain the wonderful changes that are about to begin in my life as I begin the adventure of foster parenting. Thank you for sharing this!!

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